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You get award-winning Managed Hosting , Dedicated Hosting, Co-location, and Network services offered through 10 data center across Hong Kong, China.

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CNC (Guangzhou)

Server Plan
Server Configuration Monthly fee* Monthly fee** Monthly fee***
Pentium E2140, 512 MB RAM , 80G HDD , 1 X IP
HK$ 1080

HK$ 1280

HK$ 1480
Core2 Duo E4300 , 2G MB RAM, 160G HDD , 1 X IP
HK$ 1280 HK$ 1480 HK$ 1680
Core2 Duo E6320 (Dual Core) , 4G MB RAM, 160G HDD , 1 X IP
HK$ 1480 HK$ 1680 HK$ 1880
Core2 Duo E6600 (Dual Core) , 4G MB RAM, 250G HDD , 1 X IP
HK $1680 HK 1800 HK$ 2080
Dual Xeon 2.8G, 4G MB RAM, 73G SCSI , 1 X IP
HK $2600 HK $2800 HK$ 3100
Dual Xeon 3.2G, 4G MB RAM, 73G SCSI X 2, 1 X IP
HK $3280 HK $3580 HK$ 4180


Server Plan

Server Configuration Monthly fee* Monthly fee** Monthly fee***
Core2 Duo E4300, 2G MB RAM, 250GB HDD , 1 X IP
HK$ 1480 HK$ 1680 HK$ 1880


Core2 Duo E6420, 4G MB RAM, 250GB HDD , 1 X IP

HK$ 1880 HK$ 2080 HK$ 2280


Core2 Duo E6600, 4G MB RAM, 250GB HDD , 1 X IP

HK$ 2080 HK$ 2280 HK$ 2480


Dual Xeon 2.8G, 4G MB RAM, 73GB SCSI , 1 X IP

HK$ 2900 HK$ 3100 HK$ 3300


Dua Xeonl 3.2G, 4G MB RAM, 73GB SCSI X 2 , 1 X IP

HK$ 3580 HK$ 3880 HK$ 4380

(* ) One year prepayment is needed
(**) Half year prepayment is needed
(***) 3 months prepayment is needed

(a) Additional hard disk (same size) charge HK$200 per month.
(b) For server termination, one month's prior notice before service expired date is needed. If we did not receive any notice, service will be auto renewed.

*If IP provided for client with above service plan was blocked by China telecom after used, client should compensate Newsbook for loss as HK$600 for each ip. This charge must be paid by client as deposit once ip was blocked, If this ip is reactive when service end date, deposit will be refunded to client; if ip is still keeping blocked, deposit will not be refunded and will be treated as compensation charge.  
 Include :

- Single server;
- Installation of Operating System (Linux/NT, but Software License Excluded).
- 24/7 NOC Monitoring and Reboot
- Local/International Bandwidth
- IP Address Allocation (1 IP per server)
- Primary and/or Secondary Domain Name Service
- Dedicated Switched Ethernet (100Mbps) Port
- Uninterruptible Power Supply (Surge Protected AC Power with UPS backup)
- Dedicated Diesel Generator
- Air-conditioned controlled environment
- FM 200 Fire Suppression System and Pre-Action Sprinkler System


For further enquiry, please contact (852) 2782 0197 or


Room 1, 1/F, Hung Tai Bldg, 37-39, Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong (Property of Newsbook Group)

Tel:(852)27820197 Fax:(852)23967073 E-mail:

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